The Chevrolet Camaro

On these pages I report about the development and the work done on my 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. Here and on the subpages it is especially about my Camaro. It was named “Cooper” after its last American owner Cecilia Rena Cooper. The car was registered in California all its life.

I’m trying to translate the German pages into English versions. But I think this take time. Additionally: My English is not the best, so please inform me if you found any errors.

However, I only translate pages that should be of interest to American readers and enthusiasts. The German pages are mainly interesting for non-Americans. There are better sites for general Camaro stuff in English in the USA.

I pay attention to knowledge acquired by me. I notice again and again that many “half-scientists” are active in forums or mainly on Facebook. Questions are answered with false expertise, which confuse in the context and give wrong guidance.

I am not an expert or professional,

but have had to and want to familiarize myself with many topics. On these pages you can find descriptions, downloads and links that can provide the necessary knowledge to those who are interested.

It relates most to the 1st generation Chevrolet Camaro. On the engine side, the information is based on Chevrolet’s Small Block (SBC) and concerns the tuning measures on my Camaro’s 307 cui.

Much is certainly transferable to components similar in construction.

The site has no commercial purpose

It is private in nature and is intended to provide helpful information to like-minded vehicle enthusiasts.

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Exclusion of liability

All information I pass on to the best of my knowledge and belief. However, this does not guarantee that the information is error-free. It is the responsibility of each individual which information he uses and applies.

For arising damages, no matter what kind, I assume no liability!